Executive search of managers and directors

Our thorough groundwork and analytical tool gives you the edge when we match the leaders of the future to your strategy

Manager Recruitment and Executive Search

Holmgaard Management has extensive experience of management recruitment and executive search in Denmark and the Nordic countries. We therefore have access to high-level managers who are very highly qualified.

Our experience is based on recruitment assignments for SMEs and private equity funds in Denmark and Scandinavia in general. Thanks to our many years of experience and different backgrounds, we recruit widely within many different industries and across different levels (from C-suite and below) as well as educational backgrounds.

We are more thorough than the market standard when conducting executive search, which is why we offer a:

  • 24-month satisfaction guarantee
  • An onboarding process that ensures the best possible start for the candidate

The analysis phase is the prerequisite for success with manager recruitment

Working together, we identify and analyse the following for the incoming manager or director:

  • Area of responsibility
  • Organisational placement
  • Personal review of the corporate culture
  • Work duties
  • Terms of employment
  • Educational requirements
  • Industry experience
  • Language proficiencies
  • Professional experience

It is also important for us to examine the personality and motivation of the ideal candidate.

Personality: An essential aspect to consider

It is not only important for a candidate to possess the right professional background. We also attach great importance to the candidate’s personality and values. We therefore seek to develop an in-depth understanding of the company and candidate by performing a thorough analysis. Among other things, candidates are asked to prepare a 100-day plan and undergo in-depth personality tests and profile analyses.

We also create a thorough and objective profile of the company, its culture and its DNA. Our search for the right candidate is based on the results of the analysis as a whole. This ensures that the candidates we present to you are the right ones.

Getting off to a good start with Onboarding

Our work does not stop once we have found the right candidate, however. To ensure the candidate gets off to the best possible start at your company, we also offer assistance in helping them get established. Our Onboarding service ensures that your new manager gets a good welcome and a great start. A predefined plan ensures that both the new manager and their colleagues get time to align expectations with each other from the start.

Holmgaard Management’s onboarding process entails a predefined plan that aligns expectations with the new manager’s colleagues from the start. As a natural extension of management recruitment and executive search, we also offer the following:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Mentoring, where we routinely check up on the new manager

Contact us to let us know what kind of manager your company needs - we’re ready to help!

We provide Human Resource Management services at director and management level across the Nordic region with a focus on ensuring mutual satisfaction and success for our clients and job candidates.

Our specialty is individual, detailed and focused processes based on thorough analyses, constructive dialogue and open-minded sparring. Our clients describe us as committed, efficient, down to earth and receptive.

We assist SMEs via owner-managed, start-up and private equity funds as well as portfolio management companies in Denmark and the Nordic region.

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