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Skriv her de oplysninger, der skal fremgå af din offentlige profil i denne, og som interesserede kan fremsøge fx CEO, CFO, CTO, COO? Disse oplysninger bliver kun vist offentligt, hvis du trykker ja til det.

Interim Management (midlertidig ansættelse)
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Nuværende stilling
Head of department for QA,QC and RA
Primære uddannelse
MSc in Medical chemistry, HD(O), Engineer in Chemistry
Joberfaring - antal år
Ledererfaring - antal år
Typer af stillinger
Vice predsident, Head of department, director
Kort Resumé

I have more than 15 years’ experience from the international pharmaceutical industry mostly as manager. I see my department in a holistic perspective as an important player in relation to add values to and gain the goals for the company. I reach my targets and create good results through strategic leadership of my employees, leaders, colleagues and internal and external stakeholders. I’m a manager who works a lot with the individual employees and set up frames that encourage my employees to do the best. I put a lot of effort building up relationships between departments and develop my employees’ professional skills or working with the company’s culture and values.


I reached good results with coaching the team leads and managers that referred to me to ensure that they understood my expectations and the way I’ll like the department to be managed and to collaborate internally in the department and externally with the rest of the company. I like to supervise my team leads and my colleges to help them building up teams or departments of satisfied and high-performing teams.

Communication is a tool that I use a lot to make sure that the people around me understand my expectations, what behaviour that is acceptable within the organisation and to ensure alignment within the department.

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