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Nordic Logistics Director
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I have more than 25 years of experience, working primarily in multinational corporations. This makes me a valuable employee in an environment demanding professionalism, understanding of politics and a diplomatic approach. In particular, I have a significant experience within the transport and logistics industry.

My management experiences cover a broad variety from Operational Management, Performance Management, Project Management, People Management, to Business Development and Sourcing. In order to underpin my abilities I have taken a Graduate Diploma in Organisation and Management and a Certificate in Business and Leadership.

Generic key skills

Change management; Successful change requires a very sharp focus on the reactions of people. Correspondingly, it is important to be honest and straightforward about the steps in the change upwards and downwards in the organization. I my current job as Director this is one of my most used key skills.

Systematisation and transparency: I am able to take a complex issue, structure it and make it understandable to others. One example is strategy creation and execution. My ability is presenting the strategy, and suggesting execution in a simple and straightforward way. This skill has been enforced in my position as Head of Sourcing, Transportation and as Nordic Director, Warehousing.

Business development; I have the ability to turn a business idea or high-level goal into reality. I start by sketching my ideas on paper, and then turn them into reality in the real world. I have developed this skill in my consulting job, and improved on it as Business Development Manager

Getting results through others; Motivation of staff or colleagues to get results with me is a great asset I have gained during my career. This was down to some of the key skills mentioned above, but also my personality, with empathy and balance being key.

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