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Både Interim Management og/eller Fast stilling
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Nuværende stilling
Finance Operations Director/General/Operations Management
Primære uddannelse
Officer + Executive MBA
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Typer af stillinger
COO/General Management
Kort Resumé

Senior manager with a broad experience from a wide-range of manager and “consultant” roles since 1993. I have operational experience from production/logistic, finance production, Business Process Outsourcing and customer service. As consultant I have worked with HR, talent training and teaching & education as well as I have experience from several staff functions.

The first many years from the Danish Defence and different manager roles at Post Danmark/PostNord and currently as Finance Operations Director at RSA Scandinavia.
Here optimizing of local financial processes and transforming a captive Nordic Shared Service with Nordic processes were the objectives. Latest, transforming the Nordic Finance Shared Service Center to a Global Center with strategic use of outsourcing has been the main focus.

I’m an agile and adaptable manager which has had great success combining leadership competences and experiences from the military with a good business understanding and thereby with my teams and colleagues performed outstanding results.

I strive for result based teamwork with great freedom and delegation for all. Stakeholder and employee involvement and dialogue is for me a key factor which have proven to furnish a positive financial trend, with a high customer satisfaction while still keeping the focus on an excellent work environment and high quality.

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