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Headhunter & Recruitment Consultant
Primære uddannelse
Master in leadership and organisational change
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Typer af stillinger
Business Management, team leader, Project manager
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Dear Madame/Sir

I have spent the last five years working in different departments within HR. Mostly I have worked with growing businesses since most of my jobs has been in newly started companies or new departments. I have as well helped and developed my father’s business for many years, I grew up in a family business. I love challenges and solving problems and seeing the opportunities. I am a very fast learner and very committed. Today I work for Medtronic as a Headhunter & Recruitment consultant but I am hired by AMS. I am in charge of the recruitment process and the strategies for the Nordics, I handle as well the contracts and the market value. I have always been interested in working more as a consultant and as well more with strategies and business. I am ready for a challenge and to do something else, I am very motivated and passionated about anything I set me mind to.

I look forward to discussing how my qualifications may be of value to you, but as well hear more about you

Kind Regards,

Joanna Victoria Moldovan


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