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75% of candidates are not actively seeking opportunities

Did you know that 75% of the best qualified employees are not actively seeking new jobs? This means that recruiting a specialist requires thorough headhunting to achieve the best results. With our many years of experience and vast headhunting and recruitment networks, we have access to the best qualified candidates for your company, including those who are not actively seeking new opportunities.

How to contact your new specialist

When your company finds itself in need of a new specialist or employee, you can put Holmgaard Management in charge of the recruitment process. Among other things, our recruitment process includes the following:

  • A thorough needs assessment/analysis of who you are and what you require
  • A structured follow-up process
  • Onboarding, coaching and mentoring as needed

We demonstrate considerable thoroughness, diplomacy and persistence when recruiting and headhunting your company’s new specialist. This also means that we contact our candidates politely and discretely. At the same time, we always attach great importance to helping your new specialist get off to a great start in your company.

Recruitment doesn’t always have to be expensive

We are flexible when it comes to finding the right solution for you and your company. We develop a recruitment solution based on your company’s budget and needs. Regardless of whether you prefer a short but effective recruitment process or a solution that gives us time to work more in-depth, we can come up with a solution for a fixed and attractive price.

We work with you to find the best solution

We find it important to start with a good introductory talk with our new clients and present them with candidates they are satisfied with. We do so by individualising the recruitment solution for each and every client. Sometimes the solution is a combination of advertising and searching through our candidate database, but sometimes a completely different approach might be needed.

Either way, we always find all the potential candidates for your vacancy – including among those who are not actively seeking new opportunities.

We provide Human Resource Management services at director and management level across the Nordic region with a focus on ensuring mutual satisfaction and success for our clients and job candidates.

Our specialty is individual, detailed and focused processes based on thorough analyses, constructive dialogue and open-minded sparring. Our clients describe us as committed, efficient, down to earth and receptive.

We assist SMEs via owner-managed, start-up and private equity funds as well as portfolio management companies in Denmark and the Nordic region.

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A person’s expertise and personality need to match; we look at our candidates’ values and attitudes

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