Management training with the individual in focus

Customised and personal management training that takes managers to the next level

Hone your management competences with bespoke training

Not everyone is able to step into a management role and excel right away. At Holmgaard Management, we believe that even the best manager can improve their leadership or management competences. We therefore offer management training in the form of a process that supports your company in general and your managers at individual level.

At Holmgaard Management, we counsel every level of management from line managers to CEOs. Our management training programme is therefore relevant to anyone with a practical and specific need to hone their management competences.

Types of training

We offer the following types of personalised and individual management support:

  • Management Training
  • Management coaching
  • Executive Coaching

Holmgaard Management – your personal sparring partner

The cornerstone of our management training is to serve as a partner you can bounce ideas off. It is important for a personal ‘sparring partner’ to support the manager so that he or she can maintain focus on areas where they can definitely grow. The sparring partner ensures that the manager constantly works with techniques, methods and theories they can apply to their daily working life. Our methods are based on research and expertise.

Management training helps managers identify the most important and valuable elements of their management style. This allows them to focus on being a manager, regardless of whether they are a newly appointed manager or a senior executive with years of experience. We help managers at three levels:

The newly appointed manager

Someone who may still be in their first management position and has up to approx. 3 years of management experience. We help you gain a deeper insight into the interplay between a manager and their employees, colleagues, superiors and external people.

The experienced manager

Someone who has at least 5 years of management experience and may already be reporting to the CEO or executive board. In additional to their professional duties, their role also entails management of employees and possibly other managers. They enjoy being a manager and want to build upon their personal management style.

The executive

Works at the senior management level, is on the executive board and possibly the first board of directors or reports to it. Understands their management style, but still wants to improve and develop their position as a senior executive.

Why choose Holmgaard Management?

We are thorough at Holmgaard Management. This means that everyone undergoes a thorough, in-depth management training process that is guaranteed to result in professional and personal development. At the same time, our focus is on integrity and honesty. We turn down an assignment if it is incompatible with our values or if we are unable to establish a proper collaboration with the client.

We provide Human Resource Management services at director and management level across the Nordic region with a focus on ensuring mutual satisfaction and success for our clients and job candidates.

Our specialty is individual, detailed and focused processes based on thorough analyses, constructive dialogue and open-minded sparring. Our clients describe us as committed, efficient, down to earth and receptive.

We assist SMEs via owner-managed, start-up and private equity funds as well as portfolio management companies in Denmark and the Nordic region.

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