Interim Management for managers and directors

Bringing in management resources efficiently – we can find the right Interim Manager within 2 weeks

Hire an interim manager or director

Bringing in specialists, managers and directors as part of an interim management solution is by far the best option for most companies when a need arises to strengthen the business or organisation with an employee with a good record of expertise and skills for a limited period. The company may need to strengthen operations, add new strategic personnel or move to the next level or in an entirely new direction. Holmgaard Management can help your company with that. Our process is as fast as it is effective, and we can find the right interim manager for your organisation within 2 weeks.

Whether you are in need of a specialist, a manager or a director, an interim manager can get started quickly and efficiently, providing a company with the resources and competences it needs. The individual solution can arise out of various circumstances, but common to all of them is covering current needs that require unique competences.

When is interim management of managers and directors relevant?

In doubt about whether interim management of managers or directors is relevant to your company? Below are five situations where interim management is a relevant option. You may even find that one of the situations accurately describes your own.

  • A critical lack of key competences (e.g. in connection with resignations, illness or peak load)
  • A predicted lack of competences (e.g. parental leave, continuity after departure or during leave of absence)
  • Organisational changes (e.g. mergers, turnarounds, acquisitions or divestments)
  • Strategic challenges (e.g. new projects, markets, products or business units)
  • During analysis or executive search for a new director or manager.

Our approach to interim management

At Holmgaard Management, we have extensive experience of recruitment and executive search. We have an extensive network of managers, directors and specialists who possess the qualifications your company is looking for. Our networks and experience ensure an efficient process where we find the right candidate for your company within 14 days.

It is also quite common for our clients to offer our interim specialists permanent employment, usually after 6-12 months. We therefore have an approach to interim management for managers and directors which we call “Try before you hire”.

"Try before you hire"

This flexible solution is a combination of a traditional interim management concept and executive search. It gives your company and our interim manager the opportunity to sign an agreement on permanent employment after a certain period. Both parties can terminate the agreement without consequence or notice.

You can expect us to put in more effort into the startup of all interim management agreements than is the norm within the industry. We analyse your company and needs, and we guarantee that the manager’s personality is a great fit in your company from day one.

Interim management is a popular temporary solution. It is a cost-effective option when a short-term solution is needed. It can also be employed in strategically planned situations where the company finds itself in need of additional competences.

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