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Holmgaard Management provides recruitment, interim management and outplacement services for companies. We assist SMEs as well as private equity funds and major groups with their recruitment needs in Denmark and/or the Nordic region. The services listed below are some of the ways in which we assist our clients.

Executive Search

We have been assisting companies with executive search and recruitment for more than 15 years. We believe that highly qualified candidates are the most impactful source for developing and growing your company. We can help you find the new director or manager for your company.


Our experience, networks and professionalism ensure you end up with the right employees. We select relevant profiles and are always able to present you with an excellent selection of the top candidates for a role. In other words, we help ensure your company recruits talent optimally.

Interim Management

Is your business in need of an extra hand for an interim period? Interim management is the right choice for companies with a sudden and urgent temporary need for a manager or specialist. We assist by finding a qualified candidate to meet that temporary need.


Need to lay off a manager or director? We help laid-off employees in management positions take the next step in their career.

Management Training

With our customised management training programme, we help ensure that your managers deliver the best results.

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We provide Human Resource Management services at director and management level across the Nordic region with a focus on ensuring mutual satisfaction and success for our clients and job candidates.

Our specialty is individual, detailed and focused processes based on thorough analyses, constructive dialogue and open-minded sparring. Our clients describe us as committed, efficient, down to earth and receptive.

We assist SMEs via owner-managed, start-up and private equity funds as well as portfolio management companies in Denmark and the Nordic region.

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