About Holmgaard Management & Partners

A recruitment agency with a focus on success for both the client and candidate. We know the market. We know the people.

“Focus on ensuring success for our clients and job candidates”

Every business has a mantra. “Focus on ensuring success for our clients and job candidates” is ours. It is with that mantra in mind that we help find the perfect match between companies and candidates.

What is Holmgaard Management?

Holmgaard Management is a Human Resource Management company. We help SMEs as well as private equity funds and portfolio management companies in Denmark and the Nordic countries. In recent years, we have also assisted several companies based elsewhere in Europe.

We have helped ensure growth and development in companies from within through highly qualified candidates and have seen the difference that ‘new blood’ can make time and time again. We know that the right managers and employees are the most impactful factor for development and creating growth.

The story of Holmgaard Management dates back to early 2007, when the company was established. Today, we advise and help our candidates and clients in all matters relating to Executive Search, Recruitment, Interim Management, Leadership Development, Outplacement and Career Counselling. Our clients consist of a wide range of SMEs in Denmark and abroad.

“Integrity and honesty”

We have ambitions for ourselves and our clients. Big ambitions. We firmly believe that our values reflect the most important qualities that our clients are seeking in a headhunting firm: professional pride, credibility, thoroughness and many years of industry knowledge.

We would rather turn down a collaboration if we cannot make it work in accordance with our values. To us, proper collaboration is key, as otherwise we are unable to present our clients to the right candidates. That is why we make the effort to go out and talk to the companies, boards, managers, etc.

Today, we do not just assess candidates on their professional qualifications, but also their personality. A key principle in recruitment is that a good match and long-term relationship between a candidate and their future employer is contingent on matching up personalities. That is where we can make a difference.

What our clients say

We have asked a number of our private and public clients about their thoughts on working with us. In the following, you can read a wide range of references and recommendations from some of our past clients.

We provide Human Resource Management services at director and management level across the Nordic region with a focus on ensuring mutual satisfaction and success for our clients and job candidates.

Our specialty is individual, detailed and focused processes based on thorough analyses, constructive dialogue and open-minded sparring. Our clients describe us as committed, efficient, down to earth and receptive.

We assist SMEs via owner-managed, start-up and private equity funds as well as portfolio management companies in Denmark and the Nordic region.

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A person’s expertise and personality need to match; we look at our candidates’ values and attitudes

Our focus is on quality, thoroughness and integrity

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